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Curriculum Statement

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For us, there is more to learning and development than knowing the letters and numbers. We provide the children with experiences that are designed to promote development in their:


We work to achieve balance in our programming—e.g. quiet/active, indoors/outdoors, large/small group activities, etc.


We celebrate and support similarities and differences by:



We believe that children with varying needs, interests, and abilities, should be given the opportunity and freedom to play, explore, and learn independently and at their own pace. Children are provided a place that is stimulating, safe, positive, inclusive, and free of discrimination. We have large blocks of indoor and outdoor free play times to help minimize interruptions and transitions.  The rooms offer toys, materials, and tools that:

These materials can be found in the following areas:  sand, water, library, art & writing, puzzles & table toys, discovery/science, computer, dramatic play, music & movement, and indoor and outdoor gross motor areas.



We value and respect each child as a unique and dynamic individual. We approach each child’s needs and exploration with consideration, understanding, patience, and enthusiasm. We position ourselves at their level (face-to-face), constantly observing their play and interactions, listening to their views and questions, letting them take the lead in their own learning and investigation, offering support and encouragement whenever they need it, and presenting challenges to promote problem solving.


We hope to create and sustain an open and cooperative partnership with each family that would support them in meeting their responsibilities for their child.


We work to maintain an open line of communication with parents and caregivers.

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